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The flight of sparkling stars

Is in the dance

Lure us to the shores

Calling me

I am washing with

The starry dew

And fairy dream

Will come true

In my dreams I see

A wonderland

There’s the light of hope

In my heart

All that I’ll take with me

To those lands

Is my mom’s amulet,

And an arrow.

Hammerred laces

from my dad

There’s the heat of coals

In my heart


There are the thousands miles

of the paths

and I’ve find the dream



The sun have turned

To the moon

the snow fell down,

and disappeared,

and all fields

become bright

the green grass

is growing faster

the songs of dew

wakes up the fog

to the sky

In a miracle smoke


Hey, come on,

Raise your goblet,

Feel the touch

Of the flaming dance

don’t be sad

We’ll stand nip and tuck,

My dear brother

Be brave in the fight,

Sister of mine,

You are full of charm

Your melodies

Fill this places

Please, tell me,

Show me how you

Keep this beauty alive

in this flaming dance

come on…

The sky is getting dark

With the storms.

There is no more ways

To the another lands. 

Anxiety in my heart

Torments me

It will go away

With the clouds.


In the night sky

I see the light

Of the bright moon

And the candles

Shine our land

Calling me

In the night dance

In the beauty

Of darkness

Above the green


It’s the magic of spring


In the early rays

Of the red dawn

In the kingdom of dreams

I’m alone

And my sorrows

Which are painful

Lie under grass

Behind the mountains


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