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War is Closed By Us

This war is closed by us
Warriors die nearby
They defend their lands
From foes with battle cry
Raise your sword, take a bow
Fortify the outworks
Say farewell, saddle a horse
Put on a hauberk

It’s time to stand and fight
Time to protect the ground
Of evergreen early days
Of all the cherished bounds
Go forth and let it be war
Swear to win or die
Don’t let them overthrow
Your brother stands by

In the bloody battle only spirit survives
Body will decay forever

You own the right to live
Right to save your homeland
Don’t let your heart misgive
Ride with a sure hand
Many will stand against
Make your sword sing and dance
Wine it with enemy’s blood
Your soul is incensed

It’s time to pay respect
To all your ancestors
Bow to the sacred ground
They will watch, so bestir
Your turn to rise and war
With the invaders’ dark
Let your child live and be
As free as a lark

In this gory battle
Only spirit is to survive
Leave all your fears
Sacrifice flesh, acquire eternal life
All for the
Halcyon days

In this inspirational battle track we find hidden the ancient nature of endless struggles of succeeding generations for the right to life. Warriors prepare for combat against invaders, knowing very well that not all will return alive, yet holding the belief that their spirit will live on eternally. They fight for their lands and the memory of early, carefree years, which were once granted to them by their ancestors through bitter wars. Now the time has come for their own battle, one which they lead in the name of a peaceful future for their children.



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