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There is a rumor in the land of lakes
About the magical Wind's Flute.
Those who heard it once
Will be endowed with the gift of a Magi.
The bard has came to the warriors camp.
He entertained them with a fairy tale,
But the prince's son claimed
His songs is just a mere lie.
For noone knows where death awaits us.

The wandering singer then sang a song
About the time of a war that is to come soon.
Ice and blood in a meltwater,
Just one day last till the spring.
But the prince's son will fall asleep
In the white snow at the mountain's pass.
And his host will lay their bones with him -
That's what the Wind has carried and the Flute told.
The Wind's Flute knows everything.

And year has passed. Have passed the days
Of snowmelt and torrid battles.
The prince's son now sleeps in the ice
And wings of the winds blow over him.
But the songs of Magi still does live
In the souls of men, in the memory of bards.
And the singer, wanderer of the sunset,
Hears a fairy call of the world of dreams,
The song of the Wind's Flute.

Since olden days, there has been legends among different nations about the people called "magi", who were endowed with a prophetic gift, the ability to see into the future. We will tell you one of a such stories. A tale of a magic flute belonging to the Wind himself, whose song gives people a gift of diviners. Those who hear the song of a Wind's Flute will be able to tell the future. Not everyone believes the words of the wise. One could be proud and strong, relying only on himself and his luck. But dont be too quick to argue with the fortune teller. His word can safe the life of someone who listens. Our story is about a warrior who could have taken the prophecy given to him into account and avoid the carnage. But he did not believe what the vagrant Magus, who wandered into the warrior's camp to pass the night by a campfire, said to him. And paid for it with his life. What does pride and glory means to the Wind's Flute? She sings her songs and those who are willing to listen - will hear her voice.


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