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Parus (The Sail)

By the haze of dead waters
A battered prow is floating.
You're aft
And across the wave -
Fog is like a cold wall.
The sword is at hand
Night rest -
Not silence, deceit...

You don’t remember, don’t want any bonds,
You don't know, don't keep the course
There’s a calmness in your heart
No strength to row
And to look for the shore in darkness.
You can’t turn back,
And knows the way
Only the wind that touched the surface.

Cloak is torn from the tired shoulders
And the damask sword is broken
But one cannot shatter the sea
But the sky cannot be destroyed.
And one can't cut
In the worst battle
Invisible wind thread.

Under the board is a splash of dark waves.
The prow that got lost in the darkness...
There is no way
But shine, you,
Star, (my) guiding light.
Shallop, swim
Wind, lead
My sail into a golden dawn.

This is a song about such a state of soul when we parted with something or someone that (or who) seemed like the meaning of life to us. At such moments, it seems that all paths are lost, there is nowhere to strive, there is nothing to want and there is no will to change something. You feel like a sailboat that has lost direction due to the calm. In the fog, in which neither the shore nor the guiding light of the lighthouse is visible. At such times, it seems that this will never change, but in fact it is not so. After all, the wind has already awakened somewhere behind the stern to fill the sail again, because the wind is such a force that acts regardless of whether we believe in it or not. The best thing in moments like this is to trust it.


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