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My Last Day

Here came that day
The last day of my existence
Sing me your calming song,
Wind, which waves over woods

I am following you
In ghostly dream, into heaven
There I’ll stay for good
Like ashes of piles under foot

Oh,take my life my enemy
My gods are dead, you know
Run your sword through my body
My spirit’s broken

No, I did not betray you,
Past, which was my destiny
No, I had no the least doubt
As my decision was really

But new times had come here
To the burial mounds kingom
Land had plunge into long sleep
Waiting the return of the truth

Maybe, they’ll go away,
Days with no-light-and-hope
Rivers will fill again
With life of heaven and earth

And as outcasts again
Into heat of desert lands
You’ll be leading by him,
Disseminator of greedy hopes


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