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The phenomenon of Alkonost folk band on the Russian metal scene is comparable with the phenomenon of Nightwish on the European scene. Both became a kind of pioneers of the genre, from which other bands mastered symphonic metal with classical female vocals. During their existence, Alkonost released 6 studio albums, recorded a DVD, changed the vocalist and now are preparing to conquer Europe. MetalGossip talked with the band leader Andrey Losev and a new frontwoman Ksenia Pobuzhanskaya about future plans, favorite books and torrent trackers read more (russian)...


"Октаграмма" album review on

So this is Alkonost's 11th album. For a band that is just over 23 years old, that is quite the accomplishment. Alkonost have gone through quite a few lineup changes but Andrey Losev has stuck it out to continually pump out solid material. Akonost have come a long way from their debut album, "Songs of the Eternal Oak" almost abandoning the guttural echoes of the doom/black metal scene. That is not a bad thing though, for in its absence, Alkonost have created a new atmosphere that I was excited to explore. read more...

"Tales of Wanderings" album review on

In the 12th century, the preacher Kirill from Turov threatened with death agony to those who "tell fortunes, buzz in the harp, concoct fairy tales." If there is any common sense in that, then I don’t envy Alkonost, because they have violated (and still maliciously violating) all three prohibitions: conjuring, buzzing in electroharps (Elk is generally depicted with some authentic string oddity on the cover of “The Path We've Never Made” album) and composing fairy tales about fifteen years already. For that, in fact, they are loved - not only by me, but by connoisseurs of good music in Russia and abroad as well. They are loved for the beauty of polyphonic melodies, for their distinctive style, dense guitar sound and powerful blonde "helicopters" at the shows. read more (russian)...



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